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International Trade

Each culture, each civilization or each society cannot exist separately from the other sociological realities. Everyone longs to be integrated into an environment of greater acceptance. History is a perpetual reflection of human, social, commercial and diplomatic relationships between peoples of different backgrounds in order to combine mutual interests. Relationships between peoples are, therefore, a need for each one. Through these relationships different cultures meet, respect and appreciate each other. This context of trust and confidence makes easier the exchange of ideas, products and services.
Flucika Group International Trade Department responds to this desire for trust, respect and personalization, all of them indispensable in each relationship with any other culture or people. Flucika Group is aware of the importance of marking out each of the needs expressed by each of the communities that inhabit our planet. For that reason, Flucika Group relies its commitments with them on an international team of professionals with solid background in Export and Import, Finance and Business Management.

Flucika Group expansion policy outlines very faithfully that firm commitment of customization. Faced to the very specific needs of those various communities that delimit a specific area of our planet, Flucika Group has preferred to opt for the establishment of its own branch managed by native people right from this area, but with solid personal international background. Flucika Group intends consequently to ensure an appropriate and personal treatment  with each of its partners, because being a Flucika Group partner represents having the benefit of the unconditional guarantee label that we all want to receive.
Flucika Group, its International Trade Department is not a mere division within its company structure, but its represents its card of professional excellence. It acts as the ambassador and the emissary of all the other Departments of the corporate group. Its task consists in pointing out the specific needs, concerns and wishes of those communities that have preferred a personal and individual advisement. Flucika Group always considers the solution which results the most beneficial for those communities and which best respects the environmental protective conditions of its geographical background.

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